Our Approach

We work 1 on 1. We have paid for enough training and spent over 100k learning and wasting time. We want to give you the information that's relevant to your business and your goals. School and books are great until you get into the real world and have no clue how to apply what you spend 20 years learning. We want to simplify your journey while making your effort more impactful.

Our Story

We have gone through many businesses. From content websites to affiliate offers, and even flipping websites like real-estate. All of these, by the way, are great ways to make a passive income or create quick cash that we still leverage today. E-commerce is a whole different animal. We started our first E-commerce business in 2017 and were able to grow it to over $1 million in revenue profitably and acquire a second multi-million dollar E-Commerce business in the same year. We learned a lot and spent a lot making mistakes. All of which leads us to teach others what we wish we knew. It is not impossible and scaling becomes much easier when you have a  process in place for it.

Meet the Couple

Family Oriented

Results Driven


Lauren Gamble

The Organizer


Reaching your potential is possible with a solid strategy. Learning to overcome your fears is the first step.

Donothan Gamble

The Optimist


I have the vision to introduce you to what you thought wasn't possible. Taking what you enjoy and putting a game plan together to get you there.